IPLAM Integrated Petrophysics for Laminated and Low Resistivity Reservoirs – Details

Shaly, Laminated and Low Resistivity reservoirs – What the Petrophysicist must do


IPLAM Integrated Petrophysics for Laminated and Low Resistivity Reservoirs


Contents – 3 Day


This course may be tailored and expanded to 4 or 5 days In House


Day 1

Logging on to this course

Course Objectives

Contents 1

Contents 2

Course Structure


DAY 1  

Petrophysical Reservoir Types

Shaly Sands, Laminated & Low Resistivity Low Contrast Pay Reservoir Types

Shaly Sand Reservoir Examples

Laminated Reservoir Examples

Low Resistivity Low Contrast Pay Reservoir Examples

Log Identification of SS, LAM & LRLC: Routine Logs

Recognising Missed Pay

Effect on Reservoir Properties: SS, LAM & LRLC

Effect on Measured Log Properties: SS, LAM & LRLC

Why Routine Log Analysis Fails

Why Waxman Smits, Dual Water and Indonesia Fail: Laminated

Facies Based Petrophysics

LRLC Pay: Spectral GR Logs

Recommended Logs: Routine & Special

Recommended Core, Mudlogs and Other data

Day 2



Laminates – Quick Look Techniques

Formation Pressure, Vlam, PetroDB

X, Y, Z  3D Resistivity Tools

The Klein Plot and Quick Look Sw

Thomas Stieber Clay/Shale Distribution Model

Determination of Rsand: Formal vs Quick Look

Full Thomas Stieber Evaluation for HPV

Checks on HPV results

Refinement of TS Method with core: Rsd, Archie, WS

Thomas Stieber Core Calibration

Misuse of Routine Core Analysis in Laminated Reservoirs

Author Quick Look Laminated Analysis – No 3D Resistivity

Compare: Archie  WS  Author  Full Thomas Stieber

Laminated Reservoir Permeability

Well tests, Core, Log reconciliation

HPV vs kh


Day 3



Non-Resistivity Methods

Volumetric Methods



Image logs


Saturation-Height Modelling in Laminates

Capillary Pressure

Minimum Required Data

Lab Capillary pressure Data Quality and Flaws

How to use Routine Core with SCAL

Calibration of log data to Capillary pressure results

Quick Look Saturation Height HPV

Hierarchical Reconciliation of Results

Facies, HPV, Permeability

Saturation Height Exercise

Geomodel checks

Does your Geo-model correctly represent its inputs?

Laminated Reservoir Petrophysics

– Summary

– Key Recommendations