NMR Freebies

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Freebies

NMR logs are similar to core in that they provide powerful extra information for the interested petrophysicist, information which is usually wasted.

Extra information is provided for porosity, saturation, permeability and fluid properties. Some of the freebies on offer include:

Gas zone Ø, RRT/Facies, vug Ø, ØSwi, CECa, BQva, DWM Swba, Sw-height, Hydrocarbon fluid type, Moved hydrocarbon indicator, Timur Coates permeability inputs, Viscosity and wettability insights

NMR logs can be run in Fast Bound Fluid mode cost effectively in all Reservoir Types which are not Simple Clastics, e.g. Carbonates, Laminates, LRLC pay, Tight Clastics and some unconventionals.

The quantitative application of NMR data has been incorporated into the worklflow in all Integrated Petrophysics training courses, 5 days full and 3 day focused.