Online Training

Online – Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

VILT course structure

PETROPHYSICS Pty Ltd’s industry benchmark petrophysics training courses have been carefully converted to live Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT).  Care has been taken to retain the full learning impact of the face-to-face originals with each course containing carefully sequenced Pre and Post Self Study Modules. The self study modules are delivered before and after the main, live VILT session in order to prepare for and consolidate the learning experience.  Delivery mechanisms are deliberately varied and include including short, focused instructor videos, selected texts and excercises, quizzes, micro-practicals, papers and industry videos.  Live Question and Answer sessions conclude each module and the instructor remains open to emailed questions and possible phone calls/video links throughout the three week period.  Lastly, updated course materials are available to all paid participants for a period of three years from the course start date.

This extended VILT format is believed to be the fullest and most comprehensive Petrophysics Online Training available anywhere in our industry – consistent with the comprehensive and thorough nature of its face-to-face originals!