Key Papers in the Development of Petrophysics

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1941 Leverett, M.C. ‘Capillary Behaviour in Porous Solids’ Trans, American Institution of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, 142, 152

1942 Archie, G.E. ‘The electrical resistivity log as an aid in determining some reservoir characteristics’ Trans AIME 146 pp54-62 also Petr.Tech

1963 Havlena, D. & Odeh, A.S. ‘The material balance as an equation of a straight line, Pt 1 Trans. AIME 228 (1963), 896, Pt 2 Trans. AIME 231 (1964), 815

1967 Morris, R.L. & Biggs, W.P. ‘Using Log Derived Values of Water Saturation and Porosity’ Transactions, Society of Professional Wells Log Analysts, Annual Logging Symposium

1968 Waxman, M.H. & Smits, L.J.M. ‘Electrical Conductivities in Oil-Bearing Shaly Sands’ Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal, June, 107-119. Trans AIME 243

1974 Waxman, M.H. & Thomas, E.C. ‘Electrical Conductivities in Oil-Bearing Shaly Sands: I. The relation between hydrocarbon saturation and resistivity index. II. The temperature coefficient of electrical conductivity. Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal, 14, 213-225

1979 Juhasz, I. ‘The Central Role of Qv and Formation Water Salinity in the Evaluation of Shaly Formations’ Society of Professional Well Log Analysts 19th Annual Symposium June, paper AA

1980 Mayer, C. & Sibbert, A. ‘GLOBAL, A new Approach to Computer Processed Log Interpretation’ SPE paper 9341. SPE Annual Tech Conference

1984 Clavier, C., Coates, G. & Dumanoir, J.L. ‘The Theoretical and Experimental Basis for the ‘Dual Water’ Model for the Interpretation of Shaly Sands’ Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal, April, 153-167

1985 Haworth, J.H. etal. ‘Interpretation of Hydrocarbon Shows Using Light (C1-C5) Hydrocarbon Gases from Mud-Log Data’ AAPG vol69 no8, Aug

1985 Worthington P.F. ‘The evolution of shaly sand concepts in reservoir evaluation’ The Log Analyst Jan-Feb 1985 p23

1986 Anderson, W.G. ‘Wettability Literature Survey Part 1:Rock/Oil/Brine interactions and the effects of core handling on wettability’ Journal Petroleum Technology. October vol38 no11 pp1125-1144

1988 Juhasz, I. ‘Porosity systems and petrophysical models used in formation evaluation’ SPWLA London Chapter Porosity Seminar, 26th April

1990 Rathmell, J.J., Tibbitts, G.A. & Gremley, R.B, Warner H.R. & White E.K. “Development of a Method for Partially Uninvaded Coring in High Permeability Sandstones” SPE 20413 SPE Annual Technical Conference New Orleans Sept, SPE Formation Evaluation June

1993 Rathmell, J.J. Gremley, R.B. & Tibbitts, G.A. ‘Field Applications of Low Invasion Coring’ SPE27045 SPE Annual Technical Conference, Houston 3-5th Oct.

1994 Coates, G.R,; Gardner, J.S.; Miller, D.L. ‘Applying Pulsed Echo NMR to Shaly Sand Formation Evaluation’ SPWLA Convention Oklahoma June

1994 Skopec, R.A. ‘Proper Coring and Wellsite Core Handling Procedures: The first step towards reliable core analysis’ JPT vol46 no4 April

1998 Deakin, M.J.W and Manan, W ‘The integration of petrophysical data for the evaluation of low contrast pay’ SPE 39761, Kuala Lumpur SPE Conference March

1998 Woodhouse, R ‘Accurate Reservoir Water Saturations from Oil-Mud Cores: Questions and Answers from Prudhoe Bay and Beyond’ The Log Analyst, May-June 1998 (A concise review of key issues surrounding the benchmark Sw)

1999 Rathmell, J.J., L.K. Atkins, J.G. Kralik “Application of Low Invasion Coring [water base mud] and Outcrop Studies to Reservoir Development Planning for the Villano Field” SPE 53718, 23rd April Caracus Venezuela