******* Plagiarism Warning *******

Plagiarised copies of my “Integrated Petrophysics..” course titles and descriptions appear on the internet and on Linkedin e.g.

First Select Training, Bahrain
Petroknowledge, Abu Dhabi


Genuine versions only appear here at and 

Before registering for “Integrated Petrophysics” courses I suggest you first contact myself at mark at petrophysics dot net or HOT Engineering directly to establish if you are actually buying the course you assume you are buying or an imitation which does not provide the same instructor or content as the original “Integrated Petrophysics..” courses.

Why are these courses being imitated?
The original “Integrated Petrophysics…” courses, given to over 3,000 attendees, have earned a reputation as powerful, real-world petrophysical training, frequently achieving the “Best course attended” accolade see /testimonials

Early versions were first presented in 1990 after my PhD at Imperial College and have evolved over 30 years of consulting and professional feedback. These courses are required learning for petrophysicists by many energy companies and are repeat inhouse training courses with major multinationals.

The course contents are registered copyrighted and Intellectual Property of myself.

Enjoy Petrophysics!