10 Reasons

10 Reasons to Choose these Petrophysics Courses


Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation    |    Integrated Petrophysics for Carbonate & Fractured Reservoirs – A Roadmap


1. Courses whose objectives and structure focus on the fundamental reason why formation evaluation data is acquired – reserves determination and reservoir simulation – and which emphasises how the data must now be actioned to achieve its purpose, rather than discussing passively how the tools created it.

2. Comprehensive and mature courses. Integrated Petrophysics courses have evolved over 25 years and 200+ presentations into efficient, streamlined and strictly relevant learning processes. Excess consulting material and the Instructor’s dedication has ‘naturally selected’ the integration concepts and methods which actually work (unlike single data source courses or other so called ‘integration’ courses or courses given by academics who have never actually evaluated hundreds of wells in the eal world).

3. Condensed, compact courses, containing numerous simple, powerful ideas and key techniques, from log analysis, core analysis and well tests to simple, innovative and very effective integration techniques.

4. Courses based on countless examples and lessons learned – a distillation of 28 years international experience; countless nights spent on how to fix petrophysical problems … and fixing them!

5. Courses highly rated by students and respected by experienced petrophysicists AND by users of petrophysical results who must now critically review them before use.  Courses frequently receive the “Best Course Attended” accolade from both fresh graduates and experienced, hands on petrophysicists.  Testimonials: “A petrophysical epiphany”  

6. Courses which offers FREE repeat attendance!

7. Integrated Petrophysics.. a manual recognised as a comprehensive and informative working text, more lasting and educational than the usual collection of lecture slides and copied papers. A practical guide used daily for 25 years and continually updated, capturing far more than the 5 days of concentrated lectures.  Past attendees send an email a week thanking me the manual 

8. An Instructor with a PhD. in ‘Integrated Petrophysics’ and a delight and in-depth grasp of his subject.

9. An Instructor who has been a mainstream, dedicated petrophysicist for over 28 years, not a geologist or engineer – someone who actually does it, not just talks about doing it!

10. An Instructor who studied to PhD level and then wrote the first public “Integrated Petrophysics” training course, before it became fashionable in the mid 1990’s and before it was copied by others (the sincerest compliment). Originally ‘Integrating Petrophysical Data – Established and Emerging Techniques’ presented at Kuala Lumpur Banker’s Club, March 1990. Thereafter OGCI (PetroSkills) 1991-2000; HOT Engineering 2000-Present and Independently In-House.

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Ask yourself 

‘Why am I considering other petrophysics courses when I can go on this?’