Your Petrophysical Competency Rank


In addition to the course certificate you may choose to take the standard Petrophysics Competency Test. This is a one hour multiple choice test on mainstream petrophysics designed by PETROPHYSICS Pty Ltd, the results of which are 100% confidential.  The test assesses your knowledge and expertise in areas an employer typically requires from a petrophysicist, including: the planning and acquisition of core and log data, quick look operations interpretation, basic integration & evaluation techniques and selected advanced topics which reveal an expert or special knowledge of petrophysics. No mathematical calculations are required to complete this test.

Up to date.  The test is continually updated to keep abreast of technological change, however, a maximum of 10% of questions are changed in any one year to retain consistency with previous years. The test is an objective, standardized measure of your competency in mainstream petrophysics and serves as an excellent means of comparison for a prospective employer or line manager.

All topics are covered in the wide-ranging IPRC and IPCFR courses.  The one hour petrophysics competency test is usually taken at 4pm immediately after the 4th day of the course.  Your result is added to the results database and it’s percentile ranking found (similar to an “ATAR” ranking for Australian Tertiary Education). For example, Petrophysics Competency Rank = 94% (PCR=94%) means just 6 out of 100 results beat your result – impressive for your line manager.  A “Strong” accolade is included if advanced topics exceed certain limits, e.g “NMR=Strong”.  When looking to advance your career you may choose to reveal your PCR to your supervisor or prospective employer, however, this is your choice. Your PCR, and whether you have taken the test, remain your property and are confidential.  It will not be shared with any 3rd party (including HOT Engineering or your employer) without your written consent.


Corporate.  It is suggested that staff are encouraged to complete the PCR test during the course as an objective and standardized way to help asses their knowledge, aptitude and competency in petrophysics.  The PCR helps managers asses if job applicants are competent and well suited to this important technical area as well as guide staff in their career development.  The PCR retains its comparative power over many years and is an objective way to monitor staff development.  The PCR remains the property of the applicant but with their consent can be shared and taken taken during the course, or at your office in one hour, during a special one day PCR Training Session.

PCR Fee 275 USD.  You may pay now or during the course, prior to the test with cash. A receipt is provided.

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PCR .. an objective, standardized measure of your petrophysical competency for supervisors and prospective employers.