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If you do not have time to attend these courses you may purchase an identical up-to-date print of the IPRC and/or IPCFR manual at low cost. If you attend these courses one manual per student is included in the registration fee.


IPRC Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation

Table of Contents    Includes IPRC Petrophysical Toolbox (MS Excel: All practicals que & ans, LAS file QL interactive evaluation, HPV sensitivity)

petrophysics manual IPRC

petrophysics manual IPRC

The IPRC Course Notes is a comprehensive, practical, up to date working manual for your day to day petrophysical work. It includes logically organized procedures of how to ‘get the job done’ with clear, simple explanations of complex subjects, embedded lecture slides, core-log integration exercises, summarized recommendations, and over 50 useful equations.


IPCFR Integrated Petrophysics for Carbonate and Fractured Reservoirs – A Roadmap

Table of Contents    Includes IPCFR Petrophysical Toolbox (MS Excel: All practicals que & ans, 200+ useful eqns, LAS file QL interactive carbonate evaluation, Sigma QL, HPV sensitivity)

The IPCFR Course Notes is a record of the lecture slides, micro-practicals and main practical sessions which now include a highly informative capillary pressure saturation-height work through session. This session includes the reservoir engineer’s saturation-height “look up table” and an additional section on the integration of resistivity with the Sw-Ht results. The capillary pressure practical explores and works through all important aspects of this complex, yet critical petrophysical procedure, in detail, providing the petrophysicist with a powerful, easy to follow template for what should be considered an essential part of any petrophysical evaluation in addtion to logs analysis. Key texts, equations, papers and a reference list are included in the notes. All slides are clear and self-explanatory, progressing in the simple, logical manner typical of these PETROPHYSICS Pty Ltd courses.


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Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation (IPRC)

Carbonate & Fracture Petrophysics – A Roadmap (IPCFR)

IPRC and IPCFR – Both Manuals (discount)
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