In-House Courses

In-House Courses


All courses available Online as Virtual Instructor Led Training – VILT


PETROPHYSICS Pty Ltd offers customized In-House training seminars to meet company specific needs at competitive prices. Companies can host a seminar, invite their business partners and share costs.

Please send an email introducing your particular training objectives to CONTACT

Please include your company address and full telephone number with your enquiry.

In-House Courses, 5 days or 3 days tailored

In-House Courses are available directly from the author. These courses provide strictly relevant, practical value, being taught by an experienced and active petrophysical consultant rather than an academic.


IPQL Integrated Petrophysics – Quick Look Techniques

IPRC Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation

IPCFR Integrated Petrophysics for Carbonate and Fractured Reservoirs – A Roadmap

IPSWHT Integrated Petrophysics – Saturation Height

IPSCAL Integrated Petrophysics – How to use Special Core Analysis with Modern Logs

IPLAM Integrated Petrophysics for Laminated and Low Resistivity Reservoirs

IPPetroDB Integrated Petrophysics with PetroDB

REP Renewable Energy Primer


Participants should bring a laptop computer with MS Excel for practicals

All “Integrated Petrophysics..” courses are condensed packages of powerful integration techniques which are appreciated on all levels, from novice to technical staff with 20+ years experience (Testimonials).  These courses result from a PhD in petrophysical integration, Amoco staff petrophysicist experience, 25 years of petrophysical technical consulting and an ongoing passionate interest in petrophysics.  Techniques have been successfully adopted by numerous operating companies, from large multinationals (Statoil, Chevron, Repsol, Woodside) to numerous small operators and consulting companies.  25 years of natural selection from 60+ consulting projects means these courses are more than just academic learning – they address the real world needs of energy company staff.

Course content may be tailored to your specification or amalgamated from the “Detailed Contents” list of different petrophysics courses.


Standard Terms:   Face-to-Face and Online

5 day courses: IPRC, IPCFR and 3 day courses expanded to 5 days or combined 3 day courses
Fee for up to 15 participants per course: 16,000 USD
Fee per participant* over 15:  995 USD per person

3 day courses: IPQL, IPSWHT, IPLAM, IPSCAL, IPPetroDB or 5 day course extracts
Fee for up to 15 participants per course: 13,000 USD
Fee per participant* over 15:  795 USD per person

Fees include one Manual per participant, each course’s MS Excel Petrophysical Toolbox and online access to updated published materials for three years.  See Virtual Instructor Led Training – VILT for Pre and Post Self Learning Modules downloadable contents

Expenses: See 6, 7 below



1. Client signs and returns the Permanent File Delete & Commitment to Proceed 30 days prior to the agreed course date.  This indicates a commitment to proceed with the course(s) by both parties and agreement to the published terms herein or as varied in recent emails relevant to upcoming course(s).

2. Face-to-Face lectures shall not be recorded or transmitted electronically live or subsequently. Lectures are conducted solely for the benefit of paid attendees and recordings shall not be made.

3. Protected, view only, updated course manuals are available online to course participants for a period of three years from the course start date.

4. The course original source files (A4 only) and copying instructions are downloaded from Google Drive or Dropbox 7-14 days prior to the course for reproduction by client. Copyright applies: Client agrees that copies for course participants only will be produced plus one spare and one for instructor and that all course files will be permanently deleted before the 2nd day of the course.

5. Cancellation in writing without penalty is possible up to 30 days before the course(s) start date.  If the Client elects to cancel the course(s) after 30 days before the course start date OR after the Permanent File Delete Agreement has been returned the Client agrees to immediately permanently delete all original source files and copies and to pay a 5,000 USD cancellation fee per course plus the Fixed Lump Sum or other travel costs incurred by Instructor.  If the Client elects to cancel the course(s) at any time after 48 hours before the course start time the full agreed course fees and expenses shall immediately become due and payable. This condition has become necessary to reduce the inconvenience and significant financial loss caused by last minute cancellations.

6. Client arranges and pays up to 7 nights hotel accommodation per 5 day course or 5 nights per 3 day course. Please inform agent:

– room, breakfast, internet, laundry and business centre are Direct Billed** to Company not paid by Instructor
room to good business class standard (5 star or equivalent, central area, no airport hotels)
– late check-in guaranteed
– non-smoking room with one double/king bed
– one meal per day
– laundry
– 24hr high speed internet access
– business centre expenses are for course attendance sheets, cards montage etc

Any additional items to the above will be paid by Instructor

7. Fixed Lump Sum Lowest price standard business class air fare between Perth and the work location, invoiced and paid without receipt.  Fixed Lump Sum amounts are invoiced and paid without receipts to accommodate possible route changes by consultant

8. Client approves and signs Invoice on the second day of the course (usually Tuesday) for payment by Electronic Funds Transfer within 15 days and provides a copy of the signed invoice to Instructor before the third day of the course commences. Client confirms that all files have been permanently deleted and that no unauthorized paper or electronic copies of course materials have been retained.

9. Invoiced amounts are net received at bank and are free and clear of any and all deductions including but not limited to local taxes, withholding taxes, GST, VAT, agency fees, retention fees, government restrictions, sanctions, any 3rd party costs or fees etc, etc. Payments are made by telex transfer. Cheques are not accepted.

10. Meeting room facilities, audio-visuals, lunch and refreshments are provided by client, see lecture_setup.pdf.  Student’s laptops should not be connected to the internet. Instructor’s laptop should be connected to internet to reference papers, tool videos, cloud backups etc.

11. Course dates as mutually agreeable.

Client: Signatory of Permanent File Delete Agreement

*Participant: Anyone who attends the course for one day or more OR receives a manual.

**Direct Billed: Client arranges and pays for accommodation directly. Instructor does not pay for Hotel for later re-imbursement.

A laptop computer with MS Excel is required for practicals