Integrated Petrophysics Course Testimonials


Ask yourself the question..

“Why am I going on another petrophysics course when I can go on these?”


IPRC  Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation
   IPCFR  Integrated Petrophysics for Carbonate and Fractured Reservoirs – A Roadmap
     IPSWHT  Integrated Petrophysics – Saturation Height
        IPSCAL  Integrated Petrophysics – How to use Special Core Analysis with Modern Logs
            IPLAM  Integrated Petrophysics for Laminated and Low Resistivity Reservoirs
              REP  Renewable – Energy Primer


Some petrophysicists have attended these courses THREE  times and paid their own fees.  Many have attended twice.   

Why would they do that ?


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Theft. Imitation is the highest form of compliment

***  PLAGIARISM  ***

IPRC:  “Excellent course

“Opens the mindset to other ways

“The course is very good, excellent

“Mark is a very experienced petrophysicist

“.. the vast material of “Course Notes”  available for purchase here

Delivered with charisma and character – thank you

One of the best courses I have attended that explains cap.pressure and practical, logical petrophysical interpretation” 

“Nice for new petrophysicist like me” 

“The instructor never fails to answer our questions”  “Excellent course”

“Course is amazing!”

Stavanger 2024


IPRC:  “.. has given me a deep understanding of petrophysical interpretation..

Thought provoking. A very experienced presenter”

” ..book (IPRC manual) can be used as an excellent reference”  referring to the IPRC manual included as part of the course and available for purchase here

Bahrain 2024

IPRC & IPCFR:  “Best course attended” 5 out of 7 attendees others “Very good”as 

.. Would you recommend this course? “Yes” all attendees

Vienna 2023

IPRC:  ..answering questions with real examples of his own experience

has a very good manner and very humble man and does not get angry about the question 

Dubai 2023

IPLAM:  … see all the different methods that can actually be done on the data we have 

 Stavanger 2023

IPCFR:  … The course is very good. Mark is a great instructor!

… Mark did a fantastic job.

Stavanger 2023

IPCFR:  … Best course ever. The course manual from Prague in 2008 is still on my desk!

LinkedIn 2023

IPCFR:  … Marks’s enthusiasm/passion for petrophysics and patience in answering questions, Good experience and knowledge of Mark

 “knowledgeable Instructor”  “very professional Instructor, topics and materials”

Vienna 2019

IPCFR:  3 out of 5  “Best course attended

Vienna 2019

IPRC:  “Excellent course” 

Petrophysicist, Vienna 2019

IPCFR:  “Mark is very good at explaining and tutoring with real life examples” 

Explorationist, Vienna 2019

IPCFR:  “Excellent content and interaction with class” 

Senior Petrophysicist, Vienna 2019

IPCFR:  ” .. a very valuable course. Highly relevant and practical to improve your petrophysics.  Highly recommended!

Sr. Geoscience Advisor, Vienna 2019

IPCFR:  “I really liked this course it teaches you how to rethink petrophysics” 

Geologist, Vienna 2019

IPRC:  “I am reading through your IPRC course notes yet again. The course never fails to impress me as I get something new out of it every time I read it.  I find something that I previously glossed over and become fascinated by it. Your course has material for at least a year of full time study” 

Petrophysicist, Bangkok 2018

IPCFR:  ” Excellent communication of the special uncertainties and difficulties with Carbonate and Fractured rocks” 

Petrophysicist, Vienna 2018

IPCFR:  ” filled with methods and strategy’s I can actually use..” 

Petrophysicist, Vienna 2018

IPCFR:  “A good and enthusiastic instructor” 

Reservoir Geologist, Vienna 2018

IPRC:  “Mark’s insights – very profound and applicable” 

Petrophysicist, Vienna 2018

IPRC:  “Very enthusiastic speaker, interactive with audience, in-depth knowledge, very practical solutions to be readily applied in the office”

Geologist, Vienna 2018

IPRC:  “A motivated and knowledgeable instructor”

Engineer, Bergen 2018

IPRC:  “Everyone who deals with petrophysics should attend this course. Read the manual and you will be well equipped for interpretation and reviewing! Thanks Mark”

“Mark has a great understanding of petrophysics which makes him a good teacher

Geologist, Bergen 2018

IPCFR:  Explains perfectly how the petrophysicist should work to deliver the best possible output for the geologic model”

Geo modeller, Dubai 2016

IPRC:  “If you want a comprehensive overview of integrated petrophysics this class is for you. Mark is a fun, highly experienced petrophysicist that can take challenging concepts and articulate them in simple terms. He would make an excellent professor!  Great job. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to extend their petrophysical skill set”

Petrophysicist, Houston 2015

IPRC:  “This is an excellent course.  Mark presented a very clear method for integrating various datasets for a comprehensive petrophysical analysis “

Reservoir Engineer, Houston 2015

IPCFR:   8 out of 16 responded with: “Best Course Attended” 

A well taught course by a master of his subject“,  “..covered all methods”,  “..a logical and systematic workflow”,  ” ..packed with information, concise

Various, Dubai 2014

IPCFR: “A structured, hands-on approach to solving petrophysical problems, organising data hierarchically, on the spot discussions”

Petrophyhsical Advisor, Norway 2014

IPRC: “Fantastic knowledge and ability to communicate .. “

Operations Geologist, Norway 2014

IPRC: “The amount and depth of information far exceeds any previous class I have attended

Operations Geologist, Houston 2014

IPRC: Other courses show you what is out there. This course shows you what is out there and how to use it, much more useful and pratical.. Overall a fantastic course..  so good I feel like attending again in few years.. or the Carbonates course. Hope to see more courses in North America.

Reservoir Geologist/Petrophysicist, Houston 2014

IPRC: Best course attended. Pragmatic and comprehensive

Petrophysicist, Vienna 2013

IPRC: Best course attended. Well presented, excellent manual.

Core Analyst, Vienna 2013

IPRC: Best course attended.

Operations Geologist, Vienna 2013

IPRC: ..a comprehensive, integrated and practical approach.  An absolutely great course! Offered methods, knowledge but most importantly gets you thinking about whole new ways of log analysis integrated with core, well tests etc. Kept me focused and interested up to the very last minute.

Petroleum Engineer, Vienna 2013

IPRC: This course is all you could possibly expect from a petrophysical course .. summary of years of petrophysical experience.. tactics you cannot find in any text book.

Exploration Geologist, Manado 2013

IPRC: Data hierarchy is one of the most powerful ideas.. what to use/rely on

Geologist/Petrophysicist, Manado 2013

IPRC: Comprehensive, Well Presented, Relevant, Practical, Entertaining, Technically Strong!

Simulation Reservoir Engineer, Abu Dhabi 2012

IPRC: .. demystifies petrophysics!

Geologist Vienna 2012

IPRC: Dr Mark explains difficult concepts effectively and makes it easy to understand. I am glad that I choose this course!

Petrophysicist, Abu Dhabi 2012

IPRC: Far beyond expectations. Many new uses of Petrophysics came to light. Very nicely and dedicatedly presented.

Exploration Geologist, Abu Dhabi 2012

IPCFR: List of equations and Excel sheet examples are VERY GOOD!

Petrophysicist, Norway 2012

IPRC: ..practicals very good ..very motivating lecturer .. I will definitely recommend this course

Petrophysicist, Norway 2012

IPRC: The content of this course can be directly transferred to my daily work. The manual is a good reference book with dense, compact, scientific and practical information. Best course I have attended.

Trainee Petrophysicist, Norway 2012

IPCFR: Instructor is easy to understand and answers all questions clearly

Carbonate Geo Modeller, Vienna 2012

IPRC: Most courses have a lot of theoretical or out of date workflows. This one is full of practical suggestions to improve your workflow. There are several things I will apply immediately and many more I will think about for a long time.

Petrophysicist, Vienna 2012

IPRC: Very knowledgeable presenter, practical approach with good links to other disciplines

Operations Geologist, Vienna 2012

IPRC: Excellent – very useful and well explained. Very good lecturer

Petroleum Engineer, Aberdeen 2011

IPRC: This course answers many petrophysical questions we have in our daily tasks. It is therefore highly recommended for all those who have a basic knowledge of petrophysics

Reservoir Engineer, Norway 2010

IPRC: The single most important course I have attended

Exploration Geologist, London 2010

IPRC: Mark, this is my slide for you : [Petrophysics=complicated subject] + [Great & Enthusiastic teacher] => [I fall in love with petrophysics!]

Geologist, London 2010

IPRC: I frankly think this is one of the best courses I have ever had

Reservoir Geologist/Geo Modeller, London 2010

IPCFR: A powerful, highly technical and industry relevant course. Covers a wide range of technical topics with a powerful manual

Petrophysicist, Doha 2010

IPCFR: ..the practicals, especially the saturation height function, was excellent. Very elegant workflow

Reservoir Simulation Engineer, Doha 2010

IPCFR: An excellent course with a well designed workflow to integrate all the data (logs, image logs, cores, Pc data, pressure transient tests and plt) to understand the complex carbonate reservoir

Carbonate Reservoir Geologist, Dubai 2009

IPCFR: Excellent course

Petrophysicist, Dubai 2009

IPRC: ..very good answers to questions. Impressive

Operations Geologist, Dubai 2009

IPRC: The Instructor is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and is a very good communicator

Geologist, Dubai 2009

IPRC: Wish I had attended this course years ago. Even before the course had finished it had positively impacted our current SCAL program. A petrophysical epiphany.

Petrophysicist, Dubai 2008

IPRC: This is a perfect course and it doesn’t need any kind of improvement

Petrophysicist, Dubai 2008

IPRC: .. Instructor has great experience, good question handling and excellent presentation skills

Anonymous, Dubai 2008

IPRC: ..concepts explained in a clear and uncomplicated way

Petrophysicist, Dubai 2008

IPCFR: An insightful & excellent presentation

Anonymous, Dubai 2008

IPRC: ..condensed ..an Instructor with vast experience who keeps himself up to date ..excellent tips ..methodical manual

Engineer Geo Model, Dubai 2008

IPCFR: A really excellent course. Thank you so much Dr Mark!

Geologist, Dubai 2008

IPCFR: ‘Mark provides a simple, pragmatic process for evaluating complex fracture/carbonate systems. A valuable tool in any petrophysicist’s arsenal’

Petrophysicist, Prague 2008

IPCFR: ..open-minded instructor. ..warnings and large list of tools which improve C&F evaluations’

Geologist, Prague 2008

IPCFR: ‘Mark really focuses on the important things – very practical , very good’

Exploration Geologist, Prague 2008

IPCFR: ‘..highly recommended for people involved with carbonates or fractured carbonate reservoirs’

Geologist, Prague 2008

IPRC: ‘.. instructor was very good, passionate ..kept everyone’s attention very well and involved them in the lectures’

Petrophysicist, Prague 2008

IPRC: ‘..perfect, chronological course manual’

Engineer/Petrophysicist, Prague 2008

IPRC: ‘Down to earth lectures; eloquent, robust petrophysics’

Geologist, Prague 2008

IPCFR: ‘A very good course. Inspiring’

Carbonate Reservoir Engineer, Dubai 2007

IPRC: ‘Everything I hoped to learn and more’

Petrophysicist, Dubai 2007

IPRC: ‘An extremely practical & powerful course ..will increase the petrophysicsts knowledge & abilities exponentially’

Geo Modeller, Dubai 2007

IPRC: ‘The best course I have attended. Informative and practical!’

Geologist, Dubai 2007

IPRC: ‘An excellent course for petrophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers alike. …delivers a sound technical evaluation’

Petrophysicist, Kuala Lumpur 2007

IPRC: ‘Good teacher, excellent manual. Skips tools physics and gets straight to purpose and use of the data’

Engineer, Vienna 2007

IPRC: ‘Excellent presentation & course material’

Geologist, Vienna 2007

IPRC: ‘ Enthusiastic Lecturer – he has a passion for his subject

Petrophysicist, Vienna 2007

IPRC: ‘ ..enthusiastic teacher with an amazing knowledge of the subject .. excellent teacher’

Geologist, CapeTown 2007

IPRC: ‘Recommended as an excellent practical guide to petrophysical analysis’

Operations Geologist, CapeTown 2007

IPRC: ‘THE LECTURER IS GREAT! I learnt things I could actually use!’

Anonymous, CapeTown 2007

IPCFR: ‘Essential knowledge for all G&G personnel involved with Carbonate Reservoirs’ ‘The lecturer was good, and clear in speech’

Petrophysicist, Norway 2006

IPRC: ‘Clear, comprehensive documentation which provides a reference for future petrophysical studies’

Geologist, Scotland 2006

IPCFR: ‘Excellent lecturer, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Very good course content – seems to cover all aspects of carbonate petrophysics. SCAL interpretation very good. Best petrophysics course I have attended.’

Petrophysicist, Vienna 2006

IPCFR: ‘The course focuses purely on petrophysics, not geology as other courses I have attended did. I think generally the quality of these courses is very good, some of the very best when it comes to petrophysics.’

Anonymous, Vienna 2006

IPCFR: ‘I actually thought the lectures were very good with very little that could be done to improve them. My attention was held for the entire time. Important points were reiterated which facilitates effective learning.. interesting and practical approaches, provoking thought. A passionate and enthusiastic teacher.’

Geologist, Vienna 2006

IPCFR: ‘Very good performance of Mark. He is very motivated. Resulted that the course was very interesting throughout..’

Geological Supervisor, Vienna 2006

IPRC: ‘I was really much impressed with this course and made a short presentation to Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineers in our company. Many of them appreciated the course…’

Geologist, Abu Dhabi 2005

IPRC: ‘good manual with detailed text’; ‘great competent instructor’; ‘good examples combined with experience of the instructor’; ‘covers the whole process from start to finish very thoroughly and with enthusiasm’; ‘the slides were very good, informative without being overcrowded.. enthusiasm of the instructor.. very well structured lectures.. lots of good tips’; ‘Recaps were very good. Topics were presented in a good order making it easy to understand the connections and whole picture’

Some comments from Norsk Hydro, Norway 2005

IPRC ‘ ..and I have to say again: it has proven an extremely thorough and useful week of lessons! It is on a daily basis that I’m peering into the course manual to check something, find a reference etc. So very glad I joined it last minute.’

Exploration Geologist, Houston 2004

IPRC ‘Thanks for the excellent course .. it has changed the way I work and helped me settle into my new job..’

Graduate Geologist, Vienna 2004

IPRC ‘It is like having a Master Degree in just one week!’

Senior Petrophysicist, Houston 2003

IPRC ‘An excellent course’
Geologist, UK 2003

IPRC ‘An excellent course. ..one of the best courses I have ever been on’

Geologist (Exploration), UK 2003

IPRC ‘This course is one of the best I have had until now, easy to follow, well structured, and full of useful tips that can be used in our everyday work. I am very pleased that I have followed the recommendation to attend it, and also with the manual.’

Geologist, PGL UK 2003

IPRC ‘a good, well constructed course’

Data Manager, UK 2003

IPRC ‘..a very well presented course .. thorough and very well modified to the audience “As a Reviewer of Petrophysical Results” .. I recommend it to all G&G staff. An appropriate course especially for beginning Geologists .. I have learned a great deal and will certainly know what to look for now’

Reservoir Geologist (Geo models), Aramco 2003

IPRC ‘Very good, well presented, good mix of lectures and workshops’

Petrophysicist, UK 2003

IPRC ‘..interesting and comprehensive

(Illegible), UK 2003

IPRC ‘… a very enthusiastic lecturer’

Petrophysicist, Shell 2003

IPRC ‘The course is approached from a ‘work through’ angle of a fields life. Mark is very knowledgeable & open to questions and new ideas from attendees of the course’

Senior Geologist, TFE UK 2003

IPRC ‘A very good and comprehensive course, well structured with a detailed, well illustrated manual’

Core Analyst, CoreLab 2002

IPRC ‘Looks at big picture. Lots of neat, new tricks. Excellent integration emphasis. Good core knowledge’

*Anonymous, Chevron 2001

IPRC ‘Informative and enjoyable’

*Anonymous, Chevron 2001

IPRC ‘A very good course – lots to cover but all important and relevant’

*Anonymous, Chevron 2001

IPRC ‘Several years ago I took your “Integrating Petrophysical Data – Established and Emerging Techniques” and was very happy with the course. I noted you continually updated your course. Do you still teach the course …’

Geologist, Talisman 1996