What’s this?

What’s this?

Here’s grid level energy storage, just switch it on!

The uptake of cheap, clean RE is stymied by the lack of grid level storage. A solution for smoothing RE’s supply intermittency already exists, it just needs switching on. No impossible technical breakthroughs required.

The storage capacity of Australia’s distributed 23,000 EV is about 1,725,000 kWh. The storage capacity of the world’s largest centralised lithium ion grid storage, Hornsdale SA, is 194,000 kWh, 11% of Australia’s EVs and cost 172m AUD to install plus running costs, or 97 AUD per South Australia head. So, Australia EVs have about 9 times the storage capacity of the worlds largest lithium ion grid storage, its just not connected.

What we need:

– real time pricing of grid electricity embedded in the 50Hz outlet signal (or in a carrier wave. Grid frequency drops as load exceeds source due to increased turbine rotor torque)
– EV inverters which export user defined discharge to the grid as a function of grid price. Charge back when the grid is cheap
– media pressure and deregulation to clear the forces which are blocking this fix

Advantages: a better more effective use of existing resources; Democratisation of energy/energy autonomy (there’s the rub); Increasing EVs increasing grid stability; Energy security;  Flexible; Cheap; Getting cheaper; Lower taxes; Self regulating; No running costs; Neat and something for a country or a state to be proud of !

Ignorant media, institutions and politicians who don’t want to understand critical science and fail to serve their public.


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